Josh started in Real Estate in 1999 and quickly found his niche in mortgage and has been working in the mortgage industry ever since. Through his experiences, he has found that in his current role as VP of Sales, most of his time is not spent teaching sales, but rather dealing with the personal development of his team members. Josh cares deeply for the growth of his teams, and provides continuous support to contribute to their success, both professionally and personally. He has built a customer focused team always striving to deliver the best customer experience.

What Josh enjoys the most about working with Ladera Lending is the team we’ve created. The strengths as a team have allowed us to thrive in all markets and we’re constantly looking for ways to get better, both as a company and as leaders.

Outside of the office, Josh enjoys soccer, golf, anything beach-related, hunting, and cooking with his family. Josh has been married to his wife for almost 20 years and has 2 children.


23101 Lake Center Dr, Suite 250
Lake Forest, CA 92630